Casey Dietrich

Dr. Casey DietrichAssistant Professor, North Carolina State University

Project: Improving the Efficiency of Wave and Surge Models via Adaptive Mesh Resolution

Other Research Partners: Clint Dawson, University of Texas at Austin

Project Description: The storm-induced evolution of waves and flooding can be predicted with computational models, although accurate predictions are costly. We will investigate improved model performance via the first implementation of adaptive mesh resolution in a coastal ocean model with unstructured meshes on large geographic extents. The model depiction of the coastal region will be optimized at selected checkpoints during a simulation, with the goal of reducing computational requirements. Better performance will enable more model runs for risk-based studies and/or faster model runs for operational forecasting at lower costs.

Project Abstract

Research Interests: Development of computational models for wind waves and coastal circulation, and their application to high-resolution simulations of ocean behavior

Presentations and Reports:
2016 Annual Meeting presentation
May 2016 seminar at Jackson State University
2017 Annual Meeting presentation
Year 1 Annual Report

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Phone: (919) 515-5277