Dr. Don Resio

Dr. Don ResioUniversity of North Florida

Project: The Incorporation of Rainfall into Hazard Estimates for Improved Coastal Resiliency

Other Research Participants/Partners: Tom Richardson and Bruce Ebersole, Jackson State University; Hugh Roberts and Nancy Powell, ARCADIS

Project Description: Rising sea level, climate variability, and growing coastal populations increasingly threaten the immense investments in critical coastal infrastructure within the US, and could greatly impact the commercial and military value of coastal cities such as New York, New Orleans, Norfolk/Hampton Roads and many others. At the same time, natural coastal areas are essential to maintaining healthy ecosystems in these areas, since they provide much needed food and recreation and perform an important role in maintaining overall environmental stability. Decisions must be based on accurate quantification of factors which affect this balance between the natural and built environments in order to maximize resilience in these areas. A major factor known to be important in most coastal areas, interactions among rainfall, hydrologic flows and coastal surges is presently not treated within operational modeling systems. This project will develop a methodology for incorporating these interactions in a statistically and physically appropriate manner into FEMA’s operational coastal modeling systems.

Project Abstract

Research Interests: Meteorology, hydrodynamics and probabilistic analysis of environmental hazards in coastal and estuarine environments

Presentations and Reports:
2016 Annual Meeting presentation
2017 Annual Meeting presentation
2018 Annual Meeting presentation
Presentation at Old Dominion University: “Risk of Extreme Events” (7/29/16)
Year 1 Annual Report

Year 2 Annual Report

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Contact information:
Email: don.resio@unf.edu
Telephone: (904) 620-2695