Dr. James Prochaska

Dr. James ProchaskaUniversity of Rhode Island

Project: Communicating risk to motivate individual action

Other Research Participants/Partners: Dr. Andrea Paiva, CPRC, University of Rhode Island; Pam Rubinoff, CRC, University of Rhode Island; Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc.

Project Description: Communicates risk to motivate action by tailoring communication to diverse populations. Participants receive individualized feedback via online coaching based on their readiness to take action, thereby encouraging them to move forward in the behavior change process to prepare and mitigate impacts of coastal storms.

Project Abstract

Research Interests: Development of transtheoretical model of behavior change that integrates stages, processes and levels of change, and interventions based on this model to accelerate changes in problem behaviors; development of an integrative model of psychotherapy for eclectic therapists.

Presentations and Reports:
2016 Annual Meeting presentation
2017 Annual Meeting presentation
2018 Annual Meeting presentation
Year 1 Annual Report

Year 2 Annual Report

CRC News/In the News:
CRC project expands emergency preparedness intervention program to high school students
URI faculty collaborate to prepare Rhode Islanders for hurricanes, other big storms
Westerly High School students are the first in the state to take part in a new URI emergency preparedness program
Center credited in report from National Academies
Project aims to change reaction to risk information
Dr. Prochaska explains his project:


Contact Information:
Email: jop@uri.edu
Phone: (401) 874.2830