Larry Atkinson

Atkinson WebProfessor, Old Dominion University

Project: A Tool to Measure Community Stress to Support Disaster Resilience Planning

Other Research Participants/Partners: Joshua Behr, Old Dominion University; Michelle Covi, Old Dominion University; Jose Padilla, Old Dominion University; Wie Yusuf, Old Dominion University

Project Description:  Drawing on stakeholder input and state-of-the-art modeling, we will create a Hazards Stress Test Tool, a web-based tool that allows planners and decisions makers to measure community stress and to assess the vulnerability of their communities to a variety of hazards and disaster scenarios. The tool will allow them to explore policy choices related to disaster risk management and mitigation to reduce “stress” and increase resilience under a variety of assumptions about long-term trends in coastal hazards.

Project Abstract

Research Interests: Causes of sea level rise and increased coastal flooding; climatology of coastal waters; offshore wind energy; radar measurements of surface currents

Presentations and Reports:
2017 Annual Meeting presentation
Year 1 Annual Report

CRC News:
Center researchers, students present at regional climate resilience conference

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Phone: (757)683-4926
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