Dr. Meherun Laiju

Dr. Meherun LaijuTougaloo College

Project: Institutionalization, Expansion, and Enhancement of Interdisciplinary Minor: Disaster and Coastal Studies

Other Education Participants/Partners: Interdisciplinary collaboration within Tougaloo College (Sociology, Psychology, Physics and Policitcal Science department faculty members)

Project Description: The project focuses on expanding and institutionalizing the existing interdisciplinary minor. The minor provides students with skills and knowledge that are marketable in the fields of disaster and emergency planning, management, response and recovery and preparing students for graduate schools or joining a workforce for Homeland Security and disaster response and management agencies.

Another focus of the project is to create a non-credit-bearing Certificate Program for the community at large. This will facilitate the education of future community leaders, first responders and citizens in planning and implementing disaster strategies.

Project Abstract

Research Interests: Gender, Policy and Planning, Delinquent Behavior (in relation to Social and Cultural Environment), Curriculum/Policy Research (related to Natural Disasters)

Presentations and Reports:
2017 Annual Meeting presentation
2018 Annual Meeting presentation
Year 1 Annual Report

Year 2 Annual Report

CRC News:
HBCU experts gather for Flood and Hurricane Meeting
CRC researcher to participate in Pardee RAND faculty leaders program
Interdisciplinary program teaches students, community about disaster sciences


Contact information:
Email: mlaiju@tougaloo.edu
Phone: (601) 977-7808