Dr. William “Al” Wallace

Dr. Al WallaceProfessor, Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute

Project: Community Supply Resiliency (COMSURE)

Other Research Participants/Partners: John Mitchell, Professor, Mathematical Sciences, RPI; Thomas Sharkey, Associate Professor, ISE, RPI; Richard Little, Research Scholar, ISE, RPI

Project Description: The resilience of a coastal community to an extreme event depends upon the resilience of its critical infrastructures, one of which is the system of supply chains that provide the goods and services that make a community livable – Community Supply Resiliency.

Project Abstract

Research Interests: Resilient communities, ethics in modeling, agent-based modeling, infrastructure, social media

Presentations and Reports:
2016 Annual Meeting presentation
2017 Annual Meeting presentation
Year 1 Annual Report

Year 2 Annual Report

MUNICIPAL Video: “Infrastructure Modeling – Decision Technologies” (June 2010)

CRC News:
Modeling tool brings commercial services into resiliency planning
Dr. Wallace explains his project:

CV: Available on request

Contact information:
Phone: (518) 276-6854
Email: wallaw@rpi.edu
Website: http://faculty.rpi.edu/william-wallace