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The Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning will hold a webinar on “Supporting Community Resilience” from 9 a.m. to noon in MDT (noon to 3 p.m. EST) on Thursday, April 28.

Dr. John van de Lindt
Dr. John van de Lindt

The Colorado State University-based center, which merges the disciplines of engineering, social sciences and economics to model community resilience, is co-directed by Coastal Resilience Center co-Principal Investigator Dr. John van de Lindt. Dr. van de Lindt works on the “Experimental and Numerical Study to Improve Damage and Loss Estimation Due to Overland Wave and Surge Hazards on Near-Coast Structures” project for the CRC.

The webinar focuses on the National Institute of Standards and Technology-funded Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning and how it is developing a computational environment to help define the attributes that make communities resilient. The schedule includes presentations from the Center’s team from 9-11:30 a.m. MDT and a Q&A session via chat.

To learn more, see the webinar flier. To register, visit

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