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Over the summer semester, students from CRC institutions will work in a visiting capacity at other CRC partners for an opportunity to collaborate on ongoing Center projects.

The CRC SUMREX (SUMmer Research Experience) Program is the centerpiece of the Center’s integration of research and education projects. The purpose of the SUMREX Program is to provide meaningful summer research experiences with Research partners for students from Education and Workforce Development (E&WD) partners, foster collaboration and integration, and to encourage student/professor relationships that could lead to graduate studies at CRC Research partners.

The concept is for E&WD and Research PIs arrange for one (or more) summer internships for students. In return, at some time during year, the E&WD PIs sponsor a seminar or lecture from a Research PI at the E&WD university. The following summer internships have been finalized:

  • Qian Xuesheng, a PhD candidate in Engineering (Water Resources) at Jackson State University, will be hosted by Dr. Clint Dawson at the University of Texas-Austin.
  • Civil Engineering students Kevin Cueto-Alvarado, a graduate student, and Diego Delgado-Tamariz, an undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, will be hosted by Dr. Dan Cox at Oregon State University.
  • Tougaloo College undergraduate students Taralyn Rowell, a Psychology major, and Irenia Ball, a Sociology major, will be hosted by Drs. David Trainor and Rachel Davidson at the University of Delaware.
  • Felix Santiago, a graduate student in Civil Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, will be hosted first by Dr. Stephen Medeiros at the University of Central Florida and later by Dr. Scott Hagen at Louisiana State University in a cooperative effort.
  • Rudy Bartles, a PhD candidate in Geography and Climatology at Louisiana State University, will be hosted by Dr. Don Resio at the University of North Florida.
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