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Researchers and students interested in coastal modeling will gather this spring for the 21st time to learn the latest about ADCIRC storm surge modeling, meet with peers and learn the state of the art in predicting flooding impacts on coastal communities.

The 2017 ADCIRC Week will be held from May 1-5, 2017, in Norwood, Mass. The Week includes the ADCIRC Boot Camp from May 1-3 and the ADCIRC Users Group Meeting on May 4-5.

Pre-registration is required for both events. Registration is available through Eventbrite.

The Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment website visualizes an ADCIRC hindcast of Hurricane Sandy (2012) storm surge in the New York City metropolitan area.
The Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment website visualizes an ADCIRC hindcast of Hurricane Sandy (2012) storm surge in the New York City metropolitan area.

In recent years, ADCIRC and ADCIRC+SWAN have been widely used to evaluate coastal flood risk worldwide. In order to expand and improve ADCIRC, organizers invite scientists and practitioners who have not come to previous workshops to join the community.

Each year, the ADCIRC community comes together to share experiences, teach, learn, discuss, plan and build capacity for coastal ocean modeling using the storm surge model. The Boot Camp is organized by Dr. Jason Fleming of Seahorse Coastal Consulting; Fleming is a co-PI on a Coastal Resilience Center of Excellence project led by Dr. Brian Blanton. The Boot Camp is an intense, three-day information and training session for new ADCIRC users.

The ADCIRC Boot Camp, hosted by the Coastal Resilience Center of Excellence (CRC), will provide the full spectrum of knowledge required to create, run and analyze a coastal regional model using ADCIRC; this includes the ADCIRC model itself as well as pre- and post-processing tools. The presentation style will be a mix of lecture, demonstration and interactive discussion. Instructors will also specify hands-on work for those trainees that have a laptop with them.

The ADCIRC Users Group Meeting will be hosted and co-organized by FM Global, and fees will be waived for participants. The Meeting consists of informal presentations of ADCIRC projects along with interactive discussions to advance the state of the art in ADCIRC modeling. This part of the event is open to members of the general public who are interested in evaluating coastal flood risk with advanced numerical models. Currently suggested topics include case studies of various coastal flood events;
 improvement of the computing efficiency; collection and processing of observational data; coastal risk evaluation systems; and tide modeling.

The event will also include a career fair, which provides professional networking opportunities and information on job and graduate program openings. A new addition is the ADCIRC Community Awards, to be given to the ADCIRC Community Man of the Year and ADCIRC Community Woman of the Year. Nominations can be made in writing at the Users Group Meeting.

International participants are required to obtain visas to travel to the United States, and are strongly encouraged to apply for the visas as early as possible. Please go to U.S. State Department to get details on the visa requirement. A supporting letter for visa application will be provided to the workshop participants. Please send the request to Shangyao Nong.

Questions can be addressed to the organizer through the registration page.

The CRC is a consortium of universities, private companies and government agencies focused on applied research, education and outreach addressing threats to coastal communities due to natural hazards and climate change.

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