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Poster from a CRC student team from NCSU led by graduate student Samata Gyawali.
The poster shown above from a North Carolina State University CRC student team (led by graduate student Samata Gyawali) was one of several shown at CRC’s recent annual meeting.


At CRC’s annual PI meeting held virtually from April 21-22, 2021, Center investigators made presentations about the first six years of their research and education projects. The audience included federal stakeholders and reviewers, CRC Advisory Board members, additional partners, students and colleagues. Potential future work for the coming year was discussed on the second day of the meeting

As part of this meeting, the Center opened up the floor for more than 20 students from CRC-supported projects, who showed off their work in a virtual “poster hall.” We have placed a collection of prerecorded poster presentations on this page. These presentations are also on a playlist that you can view on our YouTube page.

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