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Johnson C. Smith University

Project Name:

Preparing Tomorrow’s Minority Task Force in Coastal Resilience Through Interdisciplinary Education, Research and Curriculum Development

Other Research Participants/Partners:

UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Charlotte and Jackson State University

Project Description:

This DHS-funded program aims to emulate the integrative and interdisciplinary nature of real-world problems in project-based courses by restructuring the four courses designed during the past 5 years of this DHS grant. The four courses are to be redesigned and restructured to include research projects compatible with the Undergraduate Research required by the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) being implemented at Johnson C Smith University (JCSU). Project-supported courses and research-based learning will be designed to introduce engineering, cyber expertise and data analytics to better understand coastal resilience problems and their potential solution.

Project Abstract

Research Interests:

Increasing student enrollment and retention in Computer Science and Engineering


Contact Info:

Phone: (704) 378-1125