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University of Rhode Island

Project Name:

Modeling the Combined Coastal and Inland Hazards from High-Impact Hurricanes

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Isaac Ginis, Chris Kincaid, Tetsu Hara, Lewis Rothstein and David Ullman, University of Rhode Island; Wenrui Huang, Florida State University

Project Description:

This project advances modeling capabilities that assess the potential impacts of landfalling hurricanes on critical infrastructure and communities. The primary focus is on hurricanes in the Northeastern United States, combining multiple hazard impacts, including coastal flooding due to storm surge and inland flooding due to rainfall. This project will expand outreach to the Northeast region previously not a focus of the models, and allow DHS and other agencies to better understand the consequences of coastal and inland hazards associated with extreme high-impact landfalling hurricanes in specific regions and to better prepare coastal communities for future risks.

Project Abstract

Research Interests:

Dr. Becker’s current research focuses on modeling the consequences of natural hazards on coastal infrastructure. His modeling approach illustrates the impacts of storm and flooding scenarios that are relevant for decision making and planning (when does a road become impassable, when would a generator go out, etc.). Dr. Becker works closely with expert stakeholders and utilizes visualization tools to present his findings in a way that is tailored to the needs of the end user.


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