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Dr. Barry Keim
Louisiana State University

Project Name:

Disaster Science and Management Program at LSU

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC); NOAA’s Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program

Project Description:

To date, the Disaster Science and Management (DSM) Program at LSU has been a program within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences that was managed during the 7 years of the Coastal Hazards Center (CHC) in the Department of Geography and Anthropology.   However, the DSM education program took place outside of the Department.   This Coastal Resilience Center of Excellence project will solidify the institutionalization of the DSM program at Louisiana State University by making it an integral part of the Geography degree program. Our intent is to make it a concentration available within both the BA and BS degrees in Geography and as a minor to students with majors in other Departments. We will enhance relationships with the Emergency Management Program at BRCC to partner with them in program development and foster ease of credit transfer to LSU for those that want to continue to a Baccalaureate degree. Additionally, we will continue fostering internships within the Emergency Management community.

Project Abstract

Research Interests:

Climate extremes, including heavy rainfall and hurricanes; climate datasets, detection of climate change and its impacts, statistical analysis of extremes, and Probable Maximum Precipitation


Contact Info:

Phone: (225) 578-6170