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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project Name:

Operational Awareness Dashboard for ADCIRC Surge Guidance System

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Rick Luettich, Chris Calloway and Crystal Fulcher, UNC-Chapel Hill; Jason Fleming, Seahorse Coastal Consulting

Project Description:

This project will design, develop and deploy a web-based “operational awareness dashboard” for monitoring ADCIRC Surge Guidance System (ASGS) prediction activities being conducted at several High-Performance Computing (HPC) sites. This dashboard will provide a realtime view of ASGS simulations during tropical cyclone events, and will be capable of displaying multiple, concurrent ASGS instances on different HPC resources. This new capability will elevate ADCIRC/ASGS prediction activities to a new level of robustness, reliability, confidence and availability by showing all ASGS activities in one web-based application. This new capability also advances ASGS/ADCIRC operational activities as we position for long-term sustainability through continued federal support and industry/commercial subscription services.

Project Abstract

Research Interests:

Sea-level rise and coastal flood hazards; application of high-performance computing to tide, storm surge, and wind wave modeling


Contact Info:

Phone: (919) 445-9620