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Dr. Brian Blanton
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project Name:

Extension of ASGS Operational Awareness Dashboard (OAD) for Real-time Visualization

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Lisa Stillwell (RENCI), Phil Owen (RENCI), Jim McManus (RENCI)

Project Description:

This project will improve upon a web-based “operational awareness dashboard” for monitoring ADCIRC Surge Guidance System (ASGS) prediction activities being conducted at several High-Performance Computing (HPC) sites. The OAD has been extensively tested during the 2019 and 2020 North Atlantic Hurricane seasons, particularly for hurricanes Dorian, Cristobal, and Isaias. This project extend the OAD to incorporate more details on ASGS/ADCIRC parameters, reorganize the OAD webpage, and implement a flexible, modern, light-weight visualization add-on that will leverage the existing OAD messaging database, be easily scaled up (or down) to support high-demand periods, and operate “in the cloud.”

Research Interests:

Sea-level rise and coastal flood hazards; application of high-performance computing to tide, storm surge, and wind wave modeling


Contact Info:

Phone: (919) 445-9620