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Dr. Brian Blanton
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project Name:

Enhancements and Extensions to the ADCIRC Prediction System Operational Awareness Dashboard Health Monitor

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Lisa Stillwell (RENCI), Phil Owen (RENCI), Jim McManus (RENCI), Jeff Tilson (RENCI)

Project Description:

This Year 7 project will extend the previously developed Operational Awareness Dashboard (OAD) that monitors the health and status of ADCIRC Surge Guidance System (ASGS) activities being conducted across several HPC sites. The dashboard provides a real-time view of ASGS simulations and displays multiple, concurrent ASGS instances on different HPC resources. We will extend the OAD to collect and display more detailed information about ASGS/ADCIRC runtime parameters, including messages that allow rapid visualization of real-time ASGS results.

Project Abstract

Research Interests:

Sea-level rise and coastal flood hazards; application of high-performance computing to tide, storm surge, and wind wave modeling


Contact Info:

Phone: (919) 445-9620