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University of North Florida

Project Name:

Development and Validation of Efficient and Accurate Methods for Coupling ADCIRC to Hydrologic Models

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Tom Richardson and Bruce Ebersole, Jackson State University; Hugh Roberts and Nancy Powell, ARCADIS

Project Description:

Today, the ability of coastal communities to sustain health and prosperity is being threatened by rising sea level and increased development in areas vulnerable to flooding. Recent storms such as Isaac, Harvey and Irma have shown that a somewhat previously overlooked threat, the combination of storm surges and hydrologic (i.e. combined rainfall, runoff, and river flow) flooding, is contributing to a serious problem of under-predicted flood risk. This project will develop methods to couple hydrologic and surge models for evaluating flood risk from predictions of potential flooding for real-time evacuation planning, supporting long-term resiliency planning, and hazard level prediction in coastal areas. Products derived from this research mission will be of immediate utility to DHS and their mission to define existing risk and proposed risk reduction activities for United States coastal communities. The project will also develop a set of metrics that include accuracy, computer resource requirements (primarily execution time) and the flexibility of the system to function effectively in a range of conditions.

Project Abstract

Research Interests:

Meteorology, hydrodynamics and probabilistic analysis of environmental hazards in coastal and estuarine environments


Contact Info:

Phone: (904) 620-2695