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University of Rhode Island

Project Name:

Modeling the Combined Coastal and Inland Hazards from High-Impact Hurricanes

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Tetsu Hara, David Ullman, Pam Rubinoff and Austin Becker, University of Rhode Island; Jason Fleming, Seahorse Coastal Consulting; Peter Stempel, Pennsylvania State University; Avichal Mehra, Andre van der Westhuysen, and Ali Abdulali, NOAA National Centers for Environmental Prediction/Environmental Modeling Center; and Saeed Moghimi, NOAA National Ocean Service.

Project Description:

This project advances the modeling capabilities of the real-time ADCIRC Prediction System for predicting hazards and potential impacts from tropical and extratropical cyclones on critical infrastructure and communities in the United States. The primary focus is on improving wind, coastal ocean circulation, wave, and hydrological modeling of combined multiple hazard impacts, including coastal flooding due to storm surge and inland flooding due to rainfall.

Project Abstract

Other Key Partners: NOAA/NWS/NCEP Environmental Modeling Center (EMC); NOAA/NWS Northeast River Forecast Center (NERFC)

Project Fact Sheet

URI Fact Sheet: Modeling Combined Coastal and Inland Impacts from Extreme Storms

Research Interests:

Air-sea interaction, hurricanes, numerical modeling of tropical cyclones, ocean-atmosphere dynamic systems, climate change


URI Graduate School of Oceanography profile | URI Hurricane Modeling Group website |

In the News:

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Dr. Ginis explains his project:

Contact Info:

Phone: (401) 874-6484