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Dr. James Opaluch
University of Rhode Island

Project Name:

Overcoming Barriers to Motivate Community Action to Enhance Resilience

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Austin Becker, University of Rhode Island; Donald Robadue, University of Rhode Island; Pamela Rubinoff, Coastal Resources Center, University of Rhode Island

Project Description:

To date there is little quantitative information on the ability of communities to adapt to the threat of coastal hazards (e.g., Corps of Engineers, 2012). This project will help increase community resilience by providing a better understanding of the barriers that communities face in adapting to coastal storm hazards, and by designing and testing interventions that can have the potential to overcome these barriers. We will combine individual interviews, group decision processes and policy simulation exercises to identify key barriers and to design interventions to overcome those barriers.

Research Interests:

Decision research and policy simulation


Contact Info:

Phone: (401) 874-4590