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Dr. James Prochaska
University of Rhode Island

Project Name:

Communicating Risks to Motivate Individual Action

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Dr. Andrea Paiva, CPRC, University of Rhode Island; Pam Rubinoff, CRC, University of Rhode Island; Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc.

Project Description:

This project applies the Transtheoretical Model (TTM), a widely used behavior change model developed at the University of Rhode Island and applied successfully to over 40 health risk behaviors. Personalized feedback is delivered via multiple media sources, including Internet-based computer tailored intervention programs and individualized text messages. The program is designed for entire at-risk populations, those ready to take action, getting ready, or not ready. One-size-fits-all communications for disaster preparedness have been found to produce only 2% action toward increased preparedness annually. This project’s most recently feasibility study produced results showing 38% of participants moved to be taking action in being prepared for severe storms. This was 19 times greater than the one-size-fits-all approach. Initially three components were chosen as representing disaster preparedness: Being informed, getting a kit, and making plan.

Project Abstract

Research Interests:

Development of Transtheoretical Model of behavior change that integrates stages, processes and levels of change, and interventions based on this model to accelerate changes in problem behaviors; development of an integrative model of psychotherapy for eclectic therapists.


Contact Info:

Phone: (401) 874-2830