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Seahorse Coastal Consulting

Project Name:

Sustainable Real Time Model Guidance

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Rick Luettich and Brian Blanton, UNC-Chapel Hill; Robert Twilley and Carola Kaiser, Louisiana State University; Clint Dawson, UT-Austin; Casey Dietrich, North Carolina State University; Austin Becker and Isaac Ginis, University of Rhode Island; Brett Estrade, Coastal Computing Services; Nate Dill, Ransom Consulting

Project Description:

This project supports the 2020 operation of the ADCIRC Prediction System™ (APS™) but makes a substantial investment in developing the business processes for acquiring and retaining renewable funding from diverse stakeholders for the APS™. There are four components (a) operations; (b) minimum viable product (MVP) development; (c) financial infrastructure; and (d) voice of customer.

Research Interests:

Seahorse Coastal Consulting specializes in technology integration and delivery of real time coastal modeling results from ADCIRC 24/7/365 to public and private sector decision makers in cooperation with University partners and Supercomputing centers.


Contact Info:

Phone: (252) 726-6323