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University of Georgia

Project Name:

Development of an Optimized Tide and Hurricane Storm Surge Model for the West Coast of FL for Use with the ADCIRC Surge Guidance System

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Scott Hagen, Louisiana State University; Stephen C. Medeiros, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Project Description:

This project will simplify an existing high-definition, research-grade tide, wind-wave and hurricane storm surge model of the west coast of Florida for use in the ADCIRC (Advanced Circulation) Surge Guidance System (ASGS). The goal is to enable the model to complete a five-day simulation forecast in less than one hour, while retaining water surface elevations that are within 10 percent of the original research-grade model. Achieving this goal reduces model run times (from several hours to one hour) so that end-users will have model forecast guidance in a timelier fashion.

Research Interests:

Development and application of high resolution computational models of astronomic tides, wind-waves, and hurricane storm surge under present and future conditions.


Contact Info: