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Dr. Meherun Laiju
Tougaloo College

Project Name:

Expanding and Strengthening the Institutionalized Multidisciplinary Certificate: Disaster and Coastal Studies (DCS)

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Other Education Participants/Partners Interdisciplinary collaboration within Tougaloo College (Sociology, Psychology, Physics and Political Science department faculty members)

Project Description:

The goal of year six is to popularize and strengthen the institutionalized multidisciplinary certificate: Disaster Coastal Studies, to enable Homeland Security-related career and higher education pathways, host a continuing education workshop for professionals that includes psychological and emotional preparedness techniques, sponsor interactive forums in high risk communities in collaboration with the local Emergency Management Agency and work with other Tougaloo College departments to include more elective courses in the certificate program.

Project Abstract

Research Interests:

Gender, Policy and Planning, Delinquent Behavior (in relation to Social and Cultural Environment), Curriculum/Policy Research (related to Natural Disasters)


Contact Info:

Phone: (601) 977-7808