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Tougaloo College

Project Name:

Multidisciplinary Certificate: Disaster and Coastal Studies (DCS)

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Other Education Participants/Partners Interdisciplinary collaboration within Tougaloo College (Sociology, Psychology, Physics and Policitcal Science department faculty members)

Project Description:

Multidisciplinary Certificate: Disaster and Coastal Studies (DCS) is a certificate program is housed in the Sociology and Social Work Department in the Social Sciences Division at Tougaloo College, a Historically Black College (HBCU). One of the program’s main goals is to diversify the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) workforce. Other objectives included: a) training interested students in the field of disaster management for local emergency management agencies and graduate studies; and b) creating neighborhood outreach training programs in collaboration with Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) to facilitate resilient community building.

Research Interests:

Gender, Policy and Planning, Delinquent Behavior (in relation to Social and Cultural Environment), Curriculum/Policy Research (related to Natural Disasters)


Contact Info:

Phone: (601) 977-7808