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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project Name:

Application of the Plan Integration for Resilience Scorecard (PIRS™) to Practice

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Jaimie Masterson, Texas A&M University

Project Description:

Researchers have developed the Plan Integration for Resilience Scorecard (PIRS™) to assist local practitioners to assess the degree to which networks of local plans target geographic areas most prone to hazards and evaluate the coordination of local plans. Their research tested PIRS™ in six coastal communities and found that plans are not fully consistent and do not always address the areas in a community most vulnerable to floods or sea level risks; moreover, some plans actually increase physical and social vulnerability to hazards. For this project, the primary goal is to work directly with 4 to 5 local communities to refine the PIRS™ guidebook, training materials and plan scoring tool to ensure that they meet requirements of different communities that vary in capacity to anticipate and plan for future risks.

Project Abstract

PIRS™ Fact Sheet

Research Interests:

Land use and environmental planning, community disaster resiliency, hazard mitigation


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