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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project Name:

ADCIRC Prediction System™ Development Coordination and Improved Connectivity with Hydrologic Models

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Dr. Brian Blanton (RENCI/UNC-Chapel Hill), Dr. Jason Fleming (Seahorse Coastal Consulting), Dr. Casey Dietrich (North Carolina State University), Dr. Clint Dawson (University of Texas at Austin), Dr. Scott Hagen (Louisiana State University), Dr. Isaac Ginis (University of Rhode Island), Dr. Don Resio (University of North Florida)

Project Description:

A substantial portion of the Coastal Resilience Center’s research portfolio involves the development and application of new capabilities for the ADCIRC Prediction System™ (APS™) which is comprised of ADCIRC, the ADCIRC Surge Guidance System (ASGS) and the Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment (CERA) web portal. Included in these activities are the development of:

  • Higher resolution regional grids for the US East and Gulf coasts that integrate with our current national scale Hurricane Surge on demand Forecast System (HSOFS) grid (with Dietrich, Dawson, Hagen, Ginis)
  • Software to efficiently track and manage multiple ADCIRC runs across different computer platforms including “the cloud” (with Blanton, Fleming)
  • Additional improvements in the wind model that is included in ADCIRC (with Ginis)
  • Better coupling to hydrology models that track the movement of fresh water acrossthe land, into streams and rivers until it interacts with coastal waters (with Resio, Ginis, Huang)
  • Continued operation and maintenance of the ASGS and CERA to provide access to ADCIRC predicted water levels and flooding during major storm events and water velocities 24x7x365 for US Coast Guard search and rescue operations (with Blanton, Fleming and Kaiser).

This project will contribute to and coordinate the suite of projects providing enhancements to the APS™ to increase the accuracy and power of this system; provide interpretation of APS™ results during major storm surge events to maximize the value of these results for end users; and develop improved documentation and testing via an updated website, wiki and test cases to better enable its use by the broader ADCIRC user community.

Project Abstract

ADCIRC Prediction System™ fact sheet

Research Interests:

Coastal hazard prediction due to storm surge and coastal flooding. Modeling and observational studies of circulation and transport in coastal waters.


Contact Info:

Phone: (252) 726-6841 ext. 137