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Louisiana State University

Project Name:

Integrating CERA-Planning Software to Support DHS Modeling and Planning Efforts for More Resilient Communities

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Jeff Carney, Carola Kaiser and Brant Mitchell, Louisiana State University

Project Description:

Researchers propose to investigate how some of the skills developed within CERA-Planning can be integrated into some of the flood exposure and damage modeling techniques that have been developed to evaluate impact of natural hazards to improve planning. The approach is to test whether some of the skills that have been developed within CERA/ASGS and incorporated into CERA-Planning to describe flood exposure and impacts can contribute to the existing flood consequence modeling within FEMA and NIST.

Research Interests:

Dr. Twilley is Executive Director of Louisiana Sea Grant, one of 32 university-based programs in the National Sea Grant College Program, based at LSU. Most of Dr. Twilley’s research has focused on coastal wetlands both in the Gulf of Mexico, throughout Latin America, and in the Pacific Islands. Dr. Twilley has published extensively on global climate change, coastal restoration, and ecosystem ecology. He has been involved in developing ecosystem models coupled with engineering designs to forecast the rehabilitation of coastal and wetland ecosystems.

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Contact Info:

Phone: (225) 578-6710