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Dr. Sandra Knight
University of Maryland

Project Name:

Development and Testing of a Project Management Curriculum for Emergency Managers

Other Research Participants/Partners:

John Hart Cable, Gerald E. Galloway, Lewis E. Link and Gregory Baecher, University of Maryland

Project Description:

To offset and better manage the escalating costs and complex demands of natural hazards, both emergency manager and engineering/construction practitioners should integrate their skills to deliver resilient projects and programs in a disaster environment. The goal of this educational work plan is to develop and test an educational and training curriculum that prepares professional to manage and deliver disaster-related projects, by merging the unique challenges of emergency management with the capabilities and technologies introduced by applying project management processes. By incorporating modern project management organizational processes, technologies, and skills, emergency managers will be able to manage and execute disaster-related projects and meet resilience goals more effectively and efficiently. By building disaster-resilient concepts and emergency protocols and goal into project management processes, project managers will be equipped to contribute to a more sustainable and disaster-resilient future.

Research Interests:

Water policy, flood risk management


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Contact Info:

Phone: (601) 831-2520