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Ismael Pagan-Trinidad
University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez

Project Name:

Education for Improving Resiliency of Coastal Infrastructure

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Carla López del Puerto and Raúl E. Zapata López, University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez

Project Description:

Additional Participants and Partners:  

Resources, Faculty at the Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying, other faculties at UPRM and externally that have participated 

Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying Faculty

Francisco Maldonado, PhD, Professor (Construction Costs), Lead for Construction Estimates and Validation; Jorge Rivera Santos, PhD, Professor (Hydrology and Hydraulics), Director-Water Resources and Environment Research Institute; Walter Silva, PhD, Professor (Hydrology  and Hydraulics), Associate Director-Water Resources and Environment Research Institute; Benjamin Colucci, PhD, Professor (Transportation Engineering), Director-Transportation Technology Transfer Center and Editor of the International Journal of Natural Disasters, Accidents and Civil Infrastructure; Alberto Figueroa, PhD, Professor (Resilient Transportation Infrastructure Design); Luis Aponte, PhD, Professor (Wind Engineering); Ali Saffar, PhD, Professor (Reliability and Resilience Engineering Analysis and Design); Alesandra Morales, PhD, Professor (Geotechnical Engineering), Director, Geotechnical Laboratory; José Guevara, PhD, Professor (Rehabilitation of Coastal Infrastructure); Pedro Tarafa, PhD, Professor (Environmental Engineering- Water, Air and Solid Waste Pollution); Luis Suárez, PhD, Professor (Structural Dynamics); José Martínez Cruzado, PhD, Professor (Structures-PR Strong Motion Program).

Other UPRM Partners: 

Dr. Cecilio Ortiz and Dr. Marla Pérez, INESI (Instituto Nacional de Energía y Sostenibilidad Isleña, “National Institute on Energy and Island Sustainability”) and RISE Initiative; José Cedeño, PhD, Resilient Electric Infrastructure;  Stephen Huges, PhD, Professor, Geology Department (Landslides and Soil Erosion), Víctor Huérfano, Director, PR Seismic Network ( Seismicity); Dr. Víctor J. Rivera, Professor, Hispanic Studies Department, NTHM-PR ( Tsunami Group), Strong Motion Program; Miguel Canals, PhD, Professor (Ocean and Coastal Engineering), PI-CARICOOS Project, Department of Materials Science and Engineering; José Cedeño, PhD, Professor (Cost Estimates and Validation – Power and Electrical Engineering), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Lionel Orama, PhD, Professor (Alternative Energy Sources, Renewable Energy, and Microgrids), Electrical Engineering Department; Ruperto Chaparro, MS, Director and Lillian Ramírez, MS, Administrator, PR Sea Grant Program; Eric Harmsen, PhD, Modeling of Basinwide Hydrological and Drainage Processes for Agricultural Applications; and Ricardo López, PhD, Structural Engineer, Retired and Ad-Hon Professor.


Agency Partners: 

PR Department of Transportation and Public Works and the State Highway and Transportation Authority, Hon. Eileen Vélez, Secretary.  

ASABE: Dennis Flanagan, Johnny Grace, Megh Goyal, Annual International Conference.

USDA: Mr. Manuel Matos

University of Texas-Austin: Dr. Carlos Ramos

Texas A&M-Galveston:  Dr. Yoonjeong Lee

Ernesto Díaz, MS, Director, PR Coastal Management Program, Department of Natural and Environmental Resources; President, PR Climate Change Council.

EPA (Mehta-Sampath, Ameesha) and PR Chamber of Commerce (Jeannette Vázquez):  EPA-led Healthy Buildings Long-term Recovery Initiative (Homes/Public Housing/Schools/Buildings), PI is a Member of the Puerto Rico Healthy Building Task Force. 

EPA (Mehta-Sampath, Ameesha), “Innovative research project to increase radon monitoring capacity in Puerto Rico”, UPRM-CRC as partner in this initiative.

Davis Pittman, Patrick Deliman, Carlos Ruiz, Evelyn Villanueva, Patrick Deliman, Rumanda Jones, “Educational and Research Partnership (ERPA)”, ERDC-US Army Corp of Engineers

PR Emergency Management Agency and USA FEMA

   Association of Professional Engineers of PR

CRB (Community Resilient Building)

RE-IMAGINE Puerto Rico


CRC Partner Researchers 

Gavin Smith, PhD, Professor, PI- NCSU North Carolina State University

Dan Cox, PhD, Professor, PI-Oregon State University

Robert Whalin, PhD, Professor, CRC PI-Jackson state University

Tom Richardson, PhD, Professor, PI-Jackson State University


The Year 7 proposal focuses on continuing the institutionalization of previous years’ activities by means of creating the “UPRM-CRC Interactive Learning Hub.” From here on, the UPRM- CRC IL-HUB. The UPRM-CRC IL-HUB will automatize remote and in-person access to learning possibilities by developing a platform in which participants can access interactive learning material, keep track of their completed course contact hours, and the automatic issuing of certificates of participation both for individual activities and cumulative certificates of achievement. The UPRM-CRC IL-HUB will also serve as a repository of self-directed learning and reference materials on resilience, coastal infrastructure, and natural hazards. Constituents from both the formal and informal education components of our program will benefit from the UPRM-CRC IL-HUB.


Project Abstract

Project Fact Sheet

Research Interests:

Hydrology, Hydraulics, Urban Drainage, Riverine and Coastal Floods, Built and Natural Coastal Infrastructure, Education, Natural and Technological Hazards


Project website

Contact Info:

Phone: (787) 832-4040 ext. 3434