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Jackson State University

Project Name:

ADCIRC Prediction System™ Business Plan Development

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Nancy Maron, Blue Sky to Blue Print, LLC; Jason Fleming, Seahorse Coastal Consulting; Carola Kaiser, Louisiana State University; Brian Blanton, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Robert Twilley, Louisiana State University; Rick Luettich, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project Description:

The Coastal Resilience Center of Excellence (CRC) will transition products and services associated with the real-time 24/7 ADCIRC Prediction System™ (APS™), comprised of the ADCIRC Surge Guidance System (ASGS), the Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment decision support web portal (CERA) and the ADCIRC storm surge model. Based on several years of development and pilot testing supported by the CRC, Center leadership believes a base of stakeholders exists who place high value on the products and services the APS™ can provide. The challenge is to develop a viable business model for the APS™ that will allow them to transition innovations from CRC projects into stakeholder desired products and services and to ensure their continued operation and expansion past the end of the CRC funding cycle in 2020.

Setting up the APS™ business model involves three primary activities: (i) the development of a business plan to support the APS; (ii) the continued build out of the APS™ by transitioning recent CRC innovations into its product offerings; and (iii) stakeholder identification and the expansion of the stakeholder community via enhanced outreach and training activities. This scope of work describes the first of these activities, the development of an APS™ business plan. The continued buildout of the APS and the identification / expansion of stakeholders are described in scopes of work to Seahorse Coastal Consulting (Jason Fleming, PI) and Louisiana State University (Robert Twilley, PI).

Project Abstract

ADCIRC Prediction System™ fact sheet

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