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  • Sheraton Chapel Hill, 1 Europa Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27517: The Sheraton is located right across the street from RENCI.
  • Residence Inn, 101 Erwin Rd, Chapel Hill 27514: The Residence Inn is a short walk across a busy roadway. There is a first-come-first-serve shuttle available from 7am to 7pm.
  • The Quality Inn, 1740 Fordham Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514: The Quality Inn is a budget option a short walk away that offers a UNC rate for $66 a night.
  • Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn, 6119-21 Farrington Road, Chapel Hill, 27517: Both offer UNC rates ($99 and $109, respectively) and are a short drive to RENCI.
  • The Siena, 1505 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27514: The Siena is an elegant hotel 3 miles from RENCI. Rooms during the meeting period currently start at $204 a night.
  • The Franklin Hotel, 311 West Franklin, Chapel Hill, NC 27516: The Franklin is a very nice hotel close to campus and about 5 miles from RENCI.
  • For those interested in staying in the popular downtown Durham area 11 miles from RENCI, check out The Durham or the brand new Unscripted Hotel.​