Dr. Dan Cox

Dr. Dan CoxOregon State University

Project: Experimental and Numerical Study to Improve Damage and Loss Estimation due to Overland Wave and Surge Hazards on Near-Coast Structures

Other Research Participants/Partners: John van de Lindt, Colorado State University

Project Description: This project will develop an accurate method to determine damage to buildings subjected to extreme surge/wave forces during hurricanes. The methodology will use large-scale hydraulic model testing combined with numerical simulations to improve existing risk software used by DHS/FEMA and to advance risk-based design methodologies to enhance coastal infrastructure resilience. The method will be consistent with other multi-hazard frameworks such as earthquake and wind engineering.

Project Abstract

Research Interests: Dr. Cox’s research focuses on community resilience to coastal hazards, including tsunami and hurricane surge and waves inundation in the built and natural environments. He conducts research on tsunami and wave impacts on near-coast structures, tsunami evacuation and life safety, sediment transport and erosion, and nature-based solutions for coastal hazards mitigation.

Presentations and Reports:
2016 Annual Meeting presentation
2017 Annual Meeting presentation
2018 Annual Meeting presentation
Year 1 Annual Report

Year 2 Annual Report

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Dr. Cox explains his project:


Contact Information:
Phone: 541-737-3631
Email: dan.cox@oregonstate.edu