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Dr. Victoria Bennett
Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute

Project Name:

Establishment of a Remote-Sensing Based Monitoring Program for Performance Health Assessment of the Sacramento Delta

Other Research Participants/Partners:

Tarek Abdoun, RPI; Mourad Zeghal, RPI; Mohammed Gabr, NCSU; Brina Montoya, NCSU; NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Joel Dudas, Department of Water Resources, Sacramento, CA; USACE, Vicksburg, MS

Project Description:

As climate change progresses in the form of continuous land subsidence and rising sea water level, the integrity and reliability of flood-control infrastructure become ever more essential components to homeland safety. This project will employ a sensor-based (remote sensing with in-ground instrumentation for validation) and model-aided approach to provide engineers and decision makers with systematic tools to assess the health and provide early warning of deteriorating levees in the Sacramento Delta. The modeling tool integrates the use of measured data with the concept of performance limit states to effectively achieve a performance-based, network-level health assessment of the levee system.

Project Abstract

Research Interests:

Geotechnical engineering, field instrumentation, radar remote sensing and improving undergraduate education


Contact Info:

Phone: 518-276-6365